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Benefits of ceragem devices

The most common questions about the benefits of ceragem and “MASTER V3”

Why use ceragem devices and what are the benefits of using these devices?

Ceragem devices are designed to improve overall health and stimulate the circulation of the patient and the proper half-hour on the MASTER V3, equivalent to two hours of exercise. MASTER V3 helps relieve back pain. MASTER V3 is the individual of the spinal column and relieves the pressure of cartilage on the nerves between the vertebrae resulting from malpractices affecting the spine of the healthy person. MASTER V3 stimulates the body's organs through the nerves connecting the backbone and the rest of the body organs, which increases the efficiency of all organs of the body

What are the damages or side effects of ceragem?

There are no side effects or damage, and no reaction to the use of the equipment shows any sense of fatigue similar to the sense of novice exercise.

What are the warnings of using ceragem devices?

he use of the MASTER V3 is prohibited for children under 2 years of age and for pregnant women. Please consult your doctor in cases of spinal column surgery.

Are ceragem treated with diabetes or stress?

Do not use Seragim or MASTER V3 as a definitive treatment for diabetes or stress, but it helps In stimulating blood circulation by burning fat and dissolving cholesterol in the body through heat.

Are ceragem centers therapeutic centers or medical facilities?

Ceragem centers are concerned with public health and market the devices and give the opportunity to experience before buying (because ceragem devices individual column back and activate the blood circulation), which are not therapeutic centers or medical facilities.

What is MASTER V3 and how does it work?

MASTER V3 consists of a "hard stone" which is a gem that flows on the vertebrae of the vertebral column in addition to the heat directed to the paragraphs by a compression method called "kyrobratic", which presses the sensory centers and paragraphs of the individual spinal column and nerve activation.

How can I get one of ceragem product?

Ceragem allows its customers to experience and train the equipment before buying through Sirajim's centers and branches only.

There are also five rules for buying equipment

Do not sell to someone who is not testing the device.

Sales are not made if there is no effect.

The sale is not in case of total distrust.

The sale is not done without the consent of the family.

Sales are not made if the sessions do not continue.

For more questions or to inquire about purchasing the device
you can contact the authorized branches of ceragem