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Better health for a happy family

CERAGEM IS NOW IN LEBANON. A multinational company specializing in public health and spinal fitness. Founded in South Korea in 1998 and expanded worldwide by providing the best services and products, with quality testing by customers for free features Ceragem uses the latest technology and patents to treat spine diseases, reduce nervous pain and promote blood circulation, thereby enhancing immunity Burn fat.

CERAGEM is a registered international brand that operates more than 3,000 branches in 76 countries around the world. Members of the economic delegation accompanying the president of the Republic of South Korea visited 11 countries in 9 economic rounds. The first company in the world to carry out advertising through free trial. Which obtains the patent certificate in the manufacture of automatic thermal devices

The research and technology laboratories at CERAGEM are at the highest level in accordance with international quality standards. This has made CERAGEM obtain many certificates of confidence from WHO (World Health Organization) in its products and services such as FDA, CE, UL certification.

- The first company in the world in the implementation of advertising through the free trial

- The first in the industrial center, which obtains the patent certificate in the manufacture of automatic thermal devices

In 2013 the University Of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) carried out an independent clinical study, ‘Determining the effectiveness of the MASTER V3 automatic thermal massage bed for back pain’. The results showed significant improvements in back pain, discomfort and stiffness; 68.75% of participants experienced definite or complete improvement... and that was only over a 3 week period. Imagine what MASTER V3 could do for you. Try it for FREE TODAY